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Load of hay bales on the way to help farmers in drought conditions catches fire

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ROLLA, N.D.—Farmers are still waiting for more help in this drought after a huge load of hay meant to be donated caught fire.

Above is a look at the trailer carrying those hay bales.

It caught fire on Friday around 6:30 p.m. in Rollete County.

According to the Rolla Fire Department, the bales were too moist, and internally combusted, catching on fire.

The driver didn't realize and continued driving causing fires throughout three blocks of Rolla.

An eye witness says there was so much smoke that she thought the street was on fire.

It took 35 firefighters from Rolla, Belcourt and St. John to put out the hay and the fires throughout the town.

About 90-percent of the load was lost in the flames..

It was mutual aid help heading from Minnesota to Montana, for farmers affected by the drought.