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Man wanted in connection with stepson's death fights extradition

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- A man wanted in connection with the burning death of his stepson is fighting extradition.

Randy Miles was booked into the Grand Forks County jail Tuesday, Aug. 29 after an off-duty police officer noticed him walking along North Washington Street by the jail.

He is wanted by police in Des Moines, Iowa because detectives there say he is a person of interest in the burning death of his 26-six-year-old stepson on Friday during a domestic dispute.  

GFPD believes Miles traveled here over the weekend and stayed in a motel but why he came here is unknown.

Miles today said he will fight extradition back to Iowa though he has not been charged with the death just as a material witness which is a criminal charge in Iowa.

Miles is being held without bail.