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Spirit Lake upset about pig farm coming to Lake Region

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DEVILS LAKE, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- Another opponent joins the list against a hog farm outside of Devils Lake.

The Vice Chairman of Spirit Lake Nation has now spoken out against the proposed farm.

He says the tribe is concerned about the twenty-seven-hundred hog farm and many of its dumpsites around the area, as levels in the lake have risen above the dumpsite areas before.

He also says the Health Department never contacted Spirit Lake Nation before moving forward with their plans.

Douglas Yankton, Tribal Council Vice Chairman, says, “The largest concern from Spirit Lake, we are south. We are south of this proposed site. Your wind normally comes from the north to the south. Anything that moves in that lake is going to be pushed to our shoreline. The air is going to float our way.”

If the hog farm becomes a reality and there is a spill, the state of North Dakota admits taxpayers would foot the bill if the company refuses to do so.