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Quick thinking lead to survival of all occupants after boat capsized

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CASS COUNTY—Boaters saw one another in need and came to the rescue after a boat capsized in rural Cass County.

Dylan Rickford was boating with his mom and niece on Brewer Lake near Erie, North Dakota.

The trio were first having engine trouble and drove back to the dock.

That's when the wind picked on and on choppy water, the boat tipped over.

They waited until another boater came to their rescue to take them to shore, but Dylan's first concern was making sure his niece, Shelby was safe.

He hoisted her on top of the overturned boat until help came.

"My first concern was getting her on the haul to where she would stay dry and not so cold. I just went and cut the anchor line, and kind of just waited and saw a boat. He came and got us and towed us back," said Dylan.

The Cass County Sheriff's office responded to this call.

An ambulance also came to make sure everyone was safe.