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Cyber security experts warn of a new type of terrorist attacks

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- As Americans commemorate the September 11th attacks and remember the thousands who were killed, and thousands more injured, many are concerned about a new type of terror attack.

WDAZ'S Scott cook is live with what cyber security experts have their eyes on.

These days everything is connected and a local computer scientist says that means everything is vulnerable.

We're talking plants that supply power to our homes and computer systems that help keep our economy running.

We're seeing more and more attacks like this.

And cybersecurity experts say it will only get worse.

Dr. Ronald Marsh, Head of UND Computer Science, says, "It is a serious threat. These attacks go on all the time."

And Doctor Ronald Marsh has a real-time map of cyber attacks to prove it.

So, he's training the next generation of fighters.

Not to wage war on the battlefield, but on a new type of front-line, online, behind the keyboard.  

He expects more attacks on important infrastructure such as hospitals, banks, and even our elections.

“It's amazing what hackers can get into and how easy it is,” says Marsh.

Marsh says it's also less costly.

“The day will come when conventional warfare is probably a last resort just because of cost and cost of human lives,” says Marsh.

But the economic cost could be unlike anything we've experienced.

What he says is for certain, attacks like these, aren't going away anytime soon.

Marsh believes our nation's adversaries are probably less concerned about shutting down a power plant, and more interested in shutting down our economy, by hacking into the computers that keep Wall Street running.