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Thompson, N.D. church hosts annual 'Blessing of the Pets' Day

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THOMPSON, N.D.—It wasn't your average Sunday worship Sunday morning at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Thompson.

On Sunday was the church's fourth annual 'Blessing of the Pets' Day.

The congregation brought their furry, finned, and feathered friends to church with them this morning to get blessed.

The church does this event annually to show pets and their owners that they are appreciated and bring joy into the world.

"First Sunday of the month in October is always St. Francis Sunday, and he was someone who was really into taking care of creation. So usually the first Sunday in October we have a blessing of the pets here at St. Matthews, and this year we had to move it because of scheduling but we still made it work this week," said Amy Eisenmann, Pastor at St. Matthew's Church.

Dogs were the most prevalent pets at Sunday's service, but there were also cats, fish, and even a cockatiel.