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Former UND baseball player shot in Las Vegas, survives

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)—A former University of North Dakota baseball player was among those injured during the deadly Vegas shooting.

For one group in the local area, the Las Vegas massacre hit all too close to home.

A former University of North Dakota baseball player was at the concert and was shot. He's in the hospital in Las Vegas.

Andrew Gudmunson was at UND from 2007-2009 where he played first base and hit over .300 in his sophomore and senior seasons.  

Gudmunson’s former teammate, Josh Lagein, has been in contact with Gudmunson's sister, and the last word was that Gudmunson has had multiple surgeries, but is in stable condition, and at one point today, opened his eyes.  

Lagein believes Gudmunson was shot in the abdomen, and that he was visiting Vegas with his significant other, who was unharmed.

Family and friends are just thankful that he wasn't killed.

People ran for their lives after gun shots were fired from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Some were fortunate to escape, but former UND baseball player Andrew Gudmunson wasn't one of them.

“It sounded like he needed work on his abdomen area as far as some of the procedures so it's hard to say if that's where he got hit or if he sustained that injury from just falling to the ground after being hit,” said Gudmunson’s close friend, and former teammate, Josh Lagein.

This isn't the first time Gudmunson has been hospitalized, in fact he's known for being tough.

“He actually dove for a ball when he was playing outfield one day and he hit the side fence, and he had a lot of stitches and he had to come out of the game and go to the emergency room and get all of the stitches put in, but he was able to bounce back from that and finish out the season with us, but he's a very tough kid and we're expecting great things from him,” said former UND head baseball coach, Jeff Dodson.

“If someone's gonna fight through it, he will. He's got a lot of friends out there who support him out there, he's got a lot of people in his corner, he'll bounce back,” said former UND baseball assistant coach, Brian Devillers.

In Gudmunson’s hometown of Minot, co-workers and people in the community have his back and are rooting for him.

“Everybody around here looks up to Andrew as one of the leaders of our office. We all respect him and he's big in the community and everybody loves him, so it was a huge shock to everybody when we heard the news,” said Gudmunson’s office manager, Lisa Olson.

Back here at UND, teammates say they know Gudmunson will pull through and they're just thankful he's alive.

“It's been more relieving the updates we've gotten recently where he's doing better and maybe the outlook than this morning when we first found out,” said Lagein.

Gudmunson will need several more procedures, and will need to stay at the hospital in in Vegas for a while, but he certainly continues to make progress, according to Lagein.