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Friday News Update (10/13)

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Welcome to your news update.


The state is watching them with close eyes but still, another inmate was able to walk away from the Lake Region Correctional Facility.

The Law Enforcement Center reports that at 4:30 pm Wednesday, 34-year-old Allan Demarce signed out of the correctional facility to go to work.

He was due to return by 10:30 pm, but did not.

Jail leaders are urging you to call 911 if you see him.

This is the 6th walk-away from the facility this year.

The State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations recently found the jail in violation of 40 different state standards.


A former sheriff appears set to admit he betrayed his badge.  

Prosecutors say former Wells County Sheriff Johnny Lawson was accepting meth from a burglar in exchange for not investigating crimes committed by another man and his friends.

That man was involved in an attack in which the victim later died.

Lawson is charged with conspiracy to deliver meth, bribery, making false reports to law enforcement, refusing to perform duty and ingesting meth.

A change of plea hearing has been scheduled in two weeks.


And a South Dakota high school will forfeit its homecoming football game and cancel its dance and parade after the words "Go back to the Rez" were painted on a car.

Sturgis Brown High School is investigating after photos posted on social media showed students destroying the car.

Sturgis Brown was scheduled to play Pine Ridge School, from the nearby Pine Ridge Indian Reservation tonight.

The Meade School Board voted unanimously last night to cancel all remaining homecoming activities.

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