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Duluth family looking for dog lost in Grand Forks

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)—On this week’s Animal Watch, a search for man’s best friend.

A Duluth family was in Grand Forks for a funeral, along with their dog, Bella, when she escaped.

Bella’s owners—the Johnson family—said they hope the Grand Forks community will help bring Bella home.

The family was at a relative's house on Saturday, when Bella got out through the gate.

While the family searched for Bella, they were not able to find her, and returned home to Duluth on Monday, so their kids wouldn't miss school.

“I felt like I left one of my kids in Grand Forks,” said the dog’s owner, Natasha Johnson.

A relative told us how hard it has been for the family to leave Grand Forks without their furry family member.

“The kids are just devastated, and the worst thing was watching them drive away,” said Jay Johnson, uncle to the dog’s owner, Natasha.

While the search for Bella is still on, the family says there have been sightings of her, and they are still hopeful that she will be found.

The family reported that Bella was last spotted near the Ralph Engelstad Arena. 

Bella's owners ask that you report her to the police if you see her, because she is likely to run away if approached by strangers.