Animal Watch: Couple builds out-of-this-world home for chickens


GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)—One Boise, Idaho couple created a home for their chickens—and it’s out of this world.

One Boise, Idaho couple created a home for their chickens, and it’s out of this world.

Ellen DeAngelis, and her fiancé made a chicken coop that resembles a UFO.

Aside from being equipped with blinking lights, the inside of the coop is also climate controlled to keep the chickens warm at night.

The couple says they built their creation out of their love for all things extraterrestrial. The owners say they have plans to add an automated ramp to the coop.

So, how did the couple construct the coop? DeAngelis said they assembled the coop using large TV satellite dishes.

“We kind of brainstormed how we were going to build that classic shape, and the first discussion was out of wood, but we really wanted something a little more curvy, and we decided the satellite dishes were going to be perfect for what we need,” said coop creator Ellen DeAngelis.

A video they shared on Facebook already has close to one million views.