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Stabbing Suspect

BLOOMINGTON, MN (WDAZ-TV) -- Two people were stabbed during an attempted robbery at the Macy's store in the Mall of America Sunday, authorities say.

Police say this suspect, now in custody, attempted to steal one of the victim's personal property, which was in a men's fitting room.

The customer came back to the fitting room, confronted the man, and was stabbed.

The second person stabbed was a friend of the victim who ran to help.

Officers arrived moments after and took the suspect into custody.

The store went into lockdown, with other shoppers hiding underneath clothing and calling police. 

The Mall of America issued the following statement:

"This evening during an interrupted theft inside Macy's Mall of America, two people were stabbed and sustained non-life threatening injuries. One person is in custody and Bloomington Police is conducting the ongoing investigation. Our thoughts are with the families involved."