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More UND buildings facing demolition

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- A change in scenery.

The University of North Dakota took its first steps toward tearing down another set of buildings.

The school submitted a notice of intent to the State Historical Society to tear down Corwin/Larimore Hall and Robertson Sayer Hall.

Both buildings were built in 1908, and those managing the facilities say the upkeep became too expensive, with a price tag of 7.4 million dollars in deferred maintenance.

UND management says one building is empty, and the other is underutilized.

Michael Pieper, UND Facilities Management, “These ones were buildings that the campus bought in 1965 and we felt that because of their current structure, underutilization, and quite a bit of deferred maintenance, that it'd be best to take these down now and work on re-purposing our other historic buildings."

The University says they hope to take down the buildings by next summer, when students are off campus.