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Grand Forks Finest honored at awards ceremony

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- Some of Grand Forks' finest were celebrated at an awards ceremony Wednesday.

It's was the  annual Grand Forks Police Department Awards Ceremony.
  But it wasn't just officers awarded at the ceremony.   Dispatchers, administrators, and even members of the public were given awards from the department for their helpful and sometimes life-saving efforts.  The department also recognized employees who have spent five years, ten years, and twenty years serving the community.   "I think it's an exciting time anytime we get to realize and recognize the accomplishments of our officers," said Police Chief Mark Nelson. Nelson continued, "But I think most noteworthy is the amount of calls we have that involves citizens and officers. The key to any successful law enforcement agency is the ability to work with the citizens they are paid to protect."
  The department also recognized a handful of employees who retired this year.