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Shoppers line up outside Sam's Club for store closing deals

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MOORHEAD—Customers are scrambling to get last minute deals before the Moorhead Sam's Club shuts its doors permanently.

On Saturday, shoppers are making a mad dash to the Sam's Club in Moorhead.

Crowds lined up outside front doors waiting in the cold for up to 15 minutes to get inside, but it's now or never as the store gets ready to permanently close its doors.

"We hate it because the Sam's is closing, but we thought with these big deals around, might as well go ahead and stock up on a few things," said Rene Schroeder, Shopper.

Sam's announced it would be closing on January 26th, terminating over 160 jobs.

This is just one of the 63 Sam's Club stores that will close around the country.

Before that happens, shoppers are cleaning out the shelves, taking advantage of last minute deals.

People are coming out with cartfuls of stuff, but for some it's not just about the deals, it's about the memories.

Some have been here since the beginning, back when the store first opened in April 2014.

"We'd actually go out of our way just to come to this Sam's Club because the one on 13th Avenue is so chaotic," said Carol Degenstein, Shopper.

The store loss means less choice for bargain hunters in our area.

"There's other stores coming up, but I think Sam's is where people get bulk stuff, and now we're going to have to buy in smaller packages and that's why I liked Sam's, because you can get things in bulk," said Schroeder.

As the countdown to shutdown continues, people are hitting the Sam's Club aisles one last time.

Sam's Club in Moorhead plan to close on January 26th.