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Workers in Philadelphia take extra precautions for big game

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PHILADELPHIA—In Philadelphia, the Vikings and the Eagles are both contributing to a major economic boost.

Restaurant owners in the city of brotherly love say every seat inside their bars will be filled.

In fact, many restaurants like 'Nick's Roast Beef' put in extra orders of food and alcohol early to prepare for the crowds including an extra 100 pounds of beef, and an extra keg.

They're expecting even more people than during last week's game.

"Everything had to be notched up a little bit. We put on extra staff on. We put an extra waitress on," said Joey Schultice, Owner, Nick's Roast Beef.

Like kitchen staff, city workers in Philadelphia are hard at work greasing light poles so fans don't climb them after the game.

Officials say the grease should make the poles too slippery to climb.

You can see from the video above, posted on Twitter how the pole is covered almost entirely with white grease.

The workers applying the grease are jokingly calling themselves the "Crisco Cops."