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New study reveals ND is one of worst states for protecting animals

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GRAND FORKS, N.D.—A new study says North Dakota is one of the worst states for protecting animals.

The study, conducted by the Animal Legal Defense Fund or ALDF, ranked states based on their animal cruelty laws.

North Dakota ranked 46th.

The study says the state will not issue felonies for neglect, abandonment, or sexual assault of animals.

North Dakota police officers are also not required to write a citation or misdemeanor for animal protection violations.

"Probably the only thing we'd do possibly is write out a citation to somebody. That could happen in some cases but most of the time we consult with our prosecutor's office before we make any charges," said Sergeant Kevin Kallinen, Grand Forks Police Department.

The only states who scored lower than North Dakota were Utah, Wyoming, Iowa, and Kentucky.