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Teams compete in Curling National Championships at Scheels Arena

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FARGO—The Curling National Championships are underway this weekend at the Scheels Arena, but not without a few last minute changes.

In a historic win, Team 'Shuster' picked up the first ever gold medal in the Olympics for curling and curlers here at home are rejoicing in the victory.

"Super happy for them, wish we would have been there but that's the way it goes. At least you know you lost to the gold medal champs and you took second," said Rich Ruohonen, Team Persinger.

Team Shuster was also planning on competing here in the 2018 USA National Curling Championships and so is another team for a different reason.

"Sometimes you curl with them, sometimes your curl against them," said Tucker Smith, National Curling Competitor.

Tucker Smith and his fellow teammates will be competing in Team Shuster's place.

"I just want to make it into the final 4," said Smith.

Team Smith just got the email last Sunday night to fill in; barely enough time to arrange work, find uniforms and get them screenprinted in time for competition.

"I feel good about this game if we just play consistently, make the easy shots, it should go well," said Smith.

Their skip, Smith is facing a major obstacle though; a head cold.

"I try to go down and practice over the weekend, but I throw a few rocks and have to sit down and take a break because I couldn't throw that many," said Smith.

On top of that, they haven't practiced regularly in weeks, because they didn't even thing they'd be competing.

Despite the challenges, they feel fine duking it out with the athletes they've competed against for years.

The competition goes through the 10th, and since the organization goes on a points system, even the winners here may not make it to Vegas or Canada for World's.