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Homeless shelters make room as winter weather rolls in

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FARGO—As the storm rages on, homeless shelters in the metro are trying to get as many people out of the elements as they can.

"For 12 years this has been where I come to for safety, or help to get me to where I need to go," said Tammy Kail, Shelter Resident.

Shelter residents are packing in tight, trying to get out of the winter storm.

Churches United employees say all seven shelters are full Sunday night, which is taking up about 350 beds.

Show shelters will even go beyond the mattress.

"Those chairs pull out into beds, you're still comfortable, if not they put you in a church, they'll meet everyone's requirements," said Kail.

Anything to keep the people out of the cold.

"When this dangerous weather rolls in, it could mean someone's life if they aren't able to get inside, so we would never turn anyone away, and we try to put as many people in as many places as possible," said Lisa Richmond, Churches United.

This means they're outsourcing to other locations.

At Our Savior's Lutheran Church where they have overflow housing, they've set up cots and beds and while this helps alleviate the problem, it doesn't get rid of it permanently.

Shelter employees say they're full almost every night, especially in the winter.

This overflow location has 30 extra bes, and even those fill up every night.

To keep on top of the crowds, employees say they stay prepared and focused.

"There's really no crossing fingers in the shelter business, we have to have an extremely clear plan when there's a storm coming - and that means we communicate across all 7 shelters and we communicated with the police departments," said Richmond.

Staying busy by keeping others warm.

Employees say the overflow shelter will be closed down on March 18th unless more dangerous weather comes our way.