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Teams compete in eSports tournament

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GRAND FORKS—An entire day of gaming wrapped up Saturday night Grand Forks with the Dakno Games eSports Day.

In the world of eSports watching people play video games with professional commentary is really taking off just one reason behind Dakno Games eSports Day.

"I think esports in general is kinda like the thing that nobody knew existed and now it's in the forefront of everybody's minds," said Josh Knutson, Jimmies eSports Head Coach.

Josh Knutson coaches the only collegiate varsity eSports team in the state of North Dakota.

On Saturday, the Jamestown Jimmies are competing against their fellow gamers who they normally only meet online.

"The point of this event is to bring all those people together so they can get to know one another," said Collin Hanson, Executive Director Evolve Grand Forks.

This tournament is made up of six different games, and while it's a tournament, gamers say they're building more skills with each play.

There's more to an eSports tournament than just being good at gaming, these athletes need communication, teamwork, and hours of practice to take home the prize

Nearly 150 people were there for the tournament throughout the day and organizers only hope to keep the matches going so players like the Jimmie's continue to raise their gaming skills to the next level.

There were three feeds being live streamed and commentated at the event on Saturday.

Plans are in the making for another eSports day in October.