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No charges against driver blamed for triple fatal crash

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Grand Forks County, ND (WDAZ-TV)

No charges will be filed in a car accident that left 3 people dead.

The county prosecutor called it simply "poor judgment".

Back in July, a van with nine people inside was headed to the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

They were with the government program AbilityOne, it's the largest source of employment for people with disabilities.

According to the prosecutor, the driver of the van veered in front of a semi headed in the same direction on Highway 2 by the airport.

3 people in the van were killed.

Several others went to the hospital.

The county prosecutor said after reviewing the speed of the van, drug and alcohol tests, and cell phone records there was no indication of any criminal conduct by the van's driver.

David Jones simply called it "poor judgement".

Jones blamed the accident on the driver not being able to see the semi in her rearview mirror - saying it was in a blind spot.

We reached out to Highway Patrol about any tickets that may be issued.

No decisions have been made there.