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Local mother says her daughter was injured in the stands at a high school hockey game

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--A mother says her daughter is recovering after an injury obtained in the stands of a high school hockey game.

It was a call Holley Jemtrud never expected.

“She called me hysterical telling me she got hurt,” said Jemtrud.

Jemtrud says her 12-year-old daughter Sabrina was attending a hockey game at Eagles Arena on Saturday night, when a piece of the balcony above fell.

“It was a piece of sheetrock which probably weighs about 70 lbs and my daughter weighs 86 lbs,” said Jemtrud.

Jemtrud says Sabrina did not have to go to the hospital that night - but did a few days later to have checked out. Jemtrud says her daughter had a large bruise and some trouble walking.  

“She does have a contusion with a lot of bad bruising she's not allowed to play in gym class for one week or walk on it more than she has to at this point and then they will recheck in another week,” said Jemtrud.

The City Parks Department declined going on camera, but they say the building is frequently inspected, and they have since firmed up the balcony.  

“It could've been much worse it could've hit my daughter in the head it could have hit someone else in the head she could be laying in the hospital with a coma, she could've had a broken leg it could have hit anybody at any time and it should not have happened,” said Jemtrud.

Jemtrud says Sabrina is still shaken up from the experience, and refuses to go places with bleachers.

Right now the city and Sabrina's family are looking into whether her medical bills will be covered by the city.