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Number of car crashes in Grand Forks rises over holiday weekend

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)---A warning from police tonight -- as car accidents in Grand Forks shoot up over the holiday weekend.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase tells us why police say it's only expected to get worse.

Police say at intersections like the corner of South Washington Street and 24th Avenue South are hot spots for crashes.

And as we get closer to spring they say slick roads will be a problem for drivers.

A 40 percent jump in accidents...

"A little disappointed actually in the driving quality,” said Grand Forks resident, April Faught.

between Friday and Monday -- has local drivers on edge.

"I just think people need to practice a little more and the biggest thing is just stay alert and take it slow,” said Faught.

"This past weekend we had 34 crashes that were reported to us,” said Lt. Bill Macki.

"The previous two weekends we had 24 and 25 crashes in that same time frame,” said Macki.

Police say you should slow down and take your time getting to your destination -- as weather continues to change.  A warm up doesn't necessarily mean an easier commute.

"That freeze and thaw that we continually see almost every day here in the next month or so we're going to start seeing that,” said Macki.

"Take a route that you're familiar with. So that you can maybe predict better when you need to stop,” said Faught.

Make sure to give yourself even more extra space to stop when you get to an intersection.

"Stay alert and be safe,” said Faught.

The Streets Department says they're putting salt and sand on the roads tonight but there will be slick spots in the early morning and late evening.