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Catching criminals through social networking

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- Grand Forks Police are starting a new trend on Facebook to help catch criminals.

WDAZ'S Danielle Saitta tells us how the department is using the site and how you can help them.

The world of social media is immense -- especially for sites like Facebook

"So many people are on there."

"People can just pull up the stories on their phone seeing it on Facebook, instead of seeing it once on TV then forgetting about it," says McKenzy Burris. 

More than a billion accounts exist on the widely popular social media site, so it's no wonder that the social network is being used by law enforcement to connect with the public.

So now once a week, on Friday, the Grand Forks Police are listing the top five most wanted criminals in the city.

They have already slapped the cuffs on some of the wanted, thanks to your tips.

"Every week we'll come through with the names of the cases we've worked recently that have warrants out for them and then we assemble a top five list and put it out," says Lt. Brett Johnson, Grand Forks Police Department. 

A common concern for many people is that if they give out information -- they can be tracked down. This is why the Grand Forks Police Department enabled an option to submit anonymously on their Facebook page or through an application called tip 411.

"I think a lot more people might use this tool then because I'm sure that's the issue with a lot of people they just don't say anything, they just don't want to be involved," says Burris. 

So if you see something -- you can say something -- on Facebook.

To receive weekly updates on the Grand Forks Police top five wanted -- you can follow or like their facebook page.