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Manhunt for armed Valley Dairy robber continues

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--The manhunt continues tonight for a gunman in Grand Forks.

He's wanted for a brazen armed robbery at a convenience store right during the evening rush.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase is here to show us newly release video of the suspect - as police hope you can ID him.  

It all happened in a matter of seconds -- police say a man walked into Valley Dairy on South Washington by Burger King last night, took out a gun and stole some money.

"It used to be pretty calm street but it gets kind of scary knowing that there is robberies,” said nearby resident, Belen Flores.

Belen Flores lives just doors down from the Valley Dairy on South Washington Street.

On Thursday night, she tried to go the store for some pop.

"I mean there's no sense in anybody trying to rob anybody,” said Flores.

But instead, found the cops.

Police won't say how much money the man allegedly stole -- but admit it happened during peak hours -- just before 7 pm.

Three clerks were inside.

"It's probably a bit more unusual for it to happen like you said at a busy times like that,” said Grand Forks Police Department Lt. Brett Johnson.

Video released today shows the man entering the store but leaving through an employees only door in the back.

Police are not sure if the suspect scoped out the store prior to the robbery or if the heist was an inside job.

"Sometimes they go in and out the same door, sometimes they go in and out a different door. There's really no rhyme or reason to it,” said Johnson.

It's the second armed robbery at Valley Dairy in as many weeks. The one on South Columbia was robbed at knifepoint during the morning rush.

"That's obviously something that piqued our interest also and I mean that's a good question. At this point there's nothing to indicate that it was connected to the robbery from the other valley dairy,” said Johnson.

Police say they have some suspects in mind for the latest robbery-- but no arrests have been made yet.

They hope someone recognizes the Minnesota Vikings coat worn by the robber.

"Oh find the dummy. Find the idiot that did it. It's kind of stupid to try to rob a store,” said Flores.

WDAZ’s Kenneth Chase spoke to the owner of the Valley Dairy locations.

The owner refused to say whether they’ll be making any changes to their business as a result of the robberies.

He refused to say whether they'll be making any changes to their business as a result of these robberies.

Over the last decade, there were 11 robberies in 2007, and that number shot up to 26 in 2016.