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Three coaches suspended in sexual assault investigation

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WARWICK, ND (WDAZ)--Punishments are being handed out at a local high school after a basketball trip turned into a sexual assault investigation.

On Wednesday, WDAZ's Kenneth Chase broke the story on phone.

The Warwick High School basketball team traveled earlier this month to the Bismarck area for a tournament.

They came home with a couple wins and a lot of legal troubles after a girl claims she was sexually assaulted by several team members.

On Thursday, WDAZ learned Warwick Public Schools head coach Ryan Brown has been banned from the court for three games.

Assistant coaches James Day and Rob Lawrence each received two-game suspensions.

According to documents - the incident reportedly happened January 5th - when team members left their hotel room and engaged in inappropriate sexual  behaviors.

The coaches say they did conduct room checks at 11:30 that night, but the school says the coaches failed to properly supervise the student athletes.

The district says the coaches have been cooperative and no further action is anticipated.

The school says several students have been disciplined - but could not elaborate due to federal law.

Bismarck police have not decided if criminal charges will be filed.