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Devils Lake Police Department becomes homeless shelter

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DEVILS LAKE, ND (WDAZ)--The Devils Lake police station has been turned into a homeless shelter.  

So far this winter, 5 people been brought to the lobby with no other place to go...causing concern for the staff and public.

One of them was found passed out in the bathroom after shooting up.

The solution, for now? Rather than getting them out; is spending thousands to supervise them.

The LEC director stresses this is only a temporary solution.

"As a community we need to look and see what we can do to try and find answers to those problems because honestly we're kind of the dumping ground. The hospital doesn't take them, you know we get the mental health people who are suicidal; they don't belong in jail either but that's where they end up,” said Lake Region Law Enforcement Administrator, Rob Johnson.

The staff will not supervise anyone under the influence or with mental health issues.