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Attempted suicide at Grand Forks County Jail under investigation

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--The Bureau of Criminal Investigations has taken over an investigation at the Grand Forks County Jail after an attempted suicide by an inmate.

On Tuesday night, law enforcement tonight refused to go on camera.

Lt. BJ Maxson told WDAZ they were instructed by David Jones, the State’s Attorney, to not reveal anything on this investigation.

Jail administrator Bret Burkholder also refused to go on camera; telling us the suicide attempt happened in a day room area, and an officer had been, quote, ‘somewhere in the area 5 minutes before.’

It was discovered shortly before noon on Tuesday.

Burkholder told WDAZ  the inmate was taken to the hospital and was up and talking late in the afternoon.

He also told us the man was not placed on suicide watch before the incident.