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Deputy under investigation claims he did not touch ex-fiance

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Cavalier, ND (WDAZ-TV)

Deputy under investigation claims he did not touch ex-fiance

Breaking their silence.

The Pembina County sheriff admits he  dropped the ball by taking days to suspend one of their own after that deputy was accused of attacking his ex-fiancé

Meanwhile, the deputy under the microscope tells us his side of the story.

Pembina County cruiser 4504 won't be hitting the streets any time soon.

“No time frame as of right now, that will depend on the outcome of the criminal investigation and at the same time we will conduct an internal investigation,” explained Sheriff Terry Meidinger.

The deputy who drives it is Sergeant Brad Bowman. He is accused of attacking his ex-fiancé at this home on Monday. She shared these pictures with us. The Cavalier Police Department handled the call, and has since turned the investigation over to the BCI for an independent set of eyes.

The chief of CPD Adam Ziegler told us in this statement, “based on evidence observed at the scene, the Cavalier Police Department did not feel it was appropriate to take Brad Bowman into custody."

Two days after the event Bowman's ex posted about the incident on social media, along with claiming Bowman has abused her mentally and physically for years, and she was scared to leave. Her story has been shared more than a thousand times.

"We ask people to hold their outrage and let the investigation be conducted....obviously there are two sides to each story." the Cavalier police chief went on to say.  

“The standard protocol when anyone is under criminal investigation, they are placed on administrative right away,” explained Meidinger.

But Sergeant Bowman's boss admits that didn't happen this time due to a scheduling conflict. He did say Bowman, who was scheduled to work the past three nights was told not to come into work. 

“A lot of people have questions why did you wait three days to place him on administrative leave?” asked Matt Henson.

“I have to admit we reacted slowly,” explained the sheriff, regarding the fact it took three days for the department to place Sgt. Bowman on leave.

Others have asked why police were not upfront that one of their own was under investigation for beating a woman.

“Why did you not get it out right away that one of your officers is the subject of a criminal investigation?” asked Henson.

“I guess it's something you really don't want to advertise really, point blank,” replied the sheriff.

Bowman is on paid administrative leave. He and his ex-fiancé have a one year old daughter together. He released a statement to WDAZ insisting he did nothing wrong.

"I absolutely did not hit or abuse her, and I did not give her those bruises. She has made false allegations against me in the past, and she is attempting to manipulate the judicial system to get an advantage in a custody battle. I am confident that everything will be presented in court and justice will prevail in this matter."

It's unclear how much time the BCI will need to complete its investigation.

Their findings will then be turned over to the Pembina County State's Attorney to determine if charges should be filed.