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Police: Drunk man rams cruiser off road then hits minivan full of children

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Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ-TV)

Several people are hurt, including at least two children, after an accident that witnesses described sounded like an explosion.

Three cars, including a police cruiser, were involved.

Jake Kalenze's piano lesson came to an abrupt end Monday night on a loud note.

“A garbage truck dropping off some trash,” he thought was the cause of a loud sound.

“I heard what sounded like an explosion, it wasn't a garbage truck,” said his mom Anna Akinboro.

The 4th grader and his mom looked out on their deck and saw this. Three demolished cars including a police cruiser near the Hardees off Columbia.

“I looked out and there was a kid very injured in the face,” explained Jake.

He called 911 as his mom, a former dispatcher, ran outside.

“I tried to get the driver out of the van, his car door was locked but his window was down, so I reached in, unlocked the door and opened the door and got him out in case there was a an explosion,” explained Anna.

Everyone else was out of their cars including that child. Jake brought some stuff out for him.

“A stuffed animal and a towel for comfort,” said Jake.

“I do know there were some injuries involved in this, I don't know the number or to what extent,” said Grand Forks police lieutenant Derik Zimmel. 

Police say this all started just before 7 o’clock when they received a report of a reckless driver near the intersection of Park Avenue and South Washington. A few minutes later they say Officer Kyle Misialek was driving on 17th Avenue South by Hardees when 31-year-old Bradley Bruce of Emerado tried passing illegally on the right side and then rammed it off the road into a pole. Police say Bruce then hit an SUV head-on with two little children inside.

All 5 people went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  

It's a night Jake Kalenze will not forget anytime soon.

“I'm traumatized,” he explained.

And he will remember to do something before bed.

“Say some prayers,” said Jake.

Bruce is charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment and drunk driving.