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UPDATE: Victim identified in murder investigation

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Grand Forks Police continue to search for two suspects on the loose that are wanted in connection with a murder that happened early Tuesday morning.

Police were dispatched at around 2 o'clock Tuesday morning in response to a disturbance involving a firearm.

Upon arrival, police found 24-year-old Jose Luis Alphonso Lopez in his apartment with multiple gunshot wounds

He was later transported to Altru Hospital where he died.

Officials continue to investigate the motive of the shooting at, 2021 South 17th Street.

Police remained on scene this afternoon interviewing witnesses and talking to people at nearby apartment complexes.

They advise people continue to use caution while these armed criminals are on the loose.

LT. Dwight Love, Grand Forks Police said, "We don't have anybody we can point to ands say this is the reason why we're doing it, or why it happened, or who it is. So, I would be concerned as a general citizen."

According to Grand Forks Police, two people were seen leaving the building.

Both subjects were last seen traveling on foot eastbound.

The men are still on the loose.

Officers are calling them armed and dangers.

Police provided a vague description of the suspects but few identifying details.

They say an African American male of average build wearing all dark clothing and an African American male of average build wearing light clothing were seen leaving the scene on foot, headed east.

If you've seen or heard anything relating to the case, you're asked to contact Grand Forks Police at 701-787-8000 or texting the word 'tipster' or click here to give a tip on the GFPD website.