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Few DUI arrests over long holiday weekend in Grand Forks, East Grand Forks

There were few alcohol-related arrests over the long holiday weekend, according to Grand Forks and East Grand Forks police officials.


The Grand Forks area saw only slightly higher driving-under-the-influence arrests than EGF, with three entries in the books as of Sunday afternoon.

“It’s a normal number for any weekend,” Sgt. Kevin Kallinen said.

Kallinen said this year’s holiday DUI count is fairly typical in relation to past years, despite the holiday happening on a weekend this year. He said there weren’t any additional GFPD officers on patrol to deter people from drinking and driving.

“It was a normal patrol weekend,” he said.

Similarly, Greg Gahlon, a supervisor for the EGFPD, said there was no increase in patrolling and said officers made one DUI arrest over the weekend.

“Due to our manpower situation and shortage, we didn’t do anything special,” Gahlon said.

Both Gahlon and Kallinen said their departments did not respond to any other Fourth of July-related incidents.

“It was a standard weekend for us,” Gahlon said.

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