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Grand Forks woman faces attempted murder charge after allegedly stabbing boyfriend with a pen

A Grand Forks woman faces an attempted murder charge after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend with a pen.

Police say the victim survived but emergency room staff told police he suffered, among other things, a collapsed lung.

24-year old Toni Foote was arrested Saturday for aggravated assault, now she's charged with attempted murder. 

Court documents state Dakota Anderson told medical workers at Altru hospital that his girlfriend stabbed him with a pen.

Toni Foote was at Altru, when Anderson was treated for the puncture wound to his chest.

According to court documents, Hospital workers notified police.

Foote was arrested a short time later and remains in the Grand Forks County jail.

Many of the details surrounding this incident have not yet been released by police. 

LT. Jim Remer with the Grand Forks Police Department  said, "some thing like this would go through the court process, if there is more information we can gather we will do that but. But a lot of it was being able to be taken there that night. Patrol officers had a good response to this."

The incident remains under investigation.