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Victim of home invasion and attempted burglary fired gun meaning to scare intruder away

The victim of a Grafton home invasion and attempted burglary says she fired a gun meaning to scare the intruder away before she accidentally shot herself in the leg.

Kristine Moberg says the intruder who appeared to be on drugs was asking for her medication. That's when she got the gun.

WDAZ talked with Kristine Moberg by phone Thursday, she was still recovering at Altru Hospital from the gun shot wound to her leg.

The incident took place around 11 Tuesday mornging when a man entered the Moberg home, while Kristine was on the phone. She says the intruder seemed out of it, like he may have been under in the influence of drugs. After asking for her medication and refused to leave, she got the gun hoping to intimidate the man and scare him out of the house. She says she was not aware the gun was loaded, but aimed for the door frame next to the man and pulled the trigger and was so scared by the warning shot. A second round accidentally went off and hit her in the leg. Grafton Police says they have an idea who the intruder might be.

Grafton Police Chief Anthony Dumas said, "we have spoken to the person of interest. He has been cooperative throughout the course of the investiation."

Chief Dumas says the person of interest they interviewed has denied entering the home. Dumas says Kristine Moberg will likely be asked look at photo's to try to positively identify the man that entered her home.