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MSUM student accused of rape in dorm room, asking other students to watch

MOORHEAD – A student at Minnesota State University Moorhead is accused of getting another student drunk in his dorm room on Monday and raping her, videotaping it after inviting other students to watch, court records allege.


Angel Mario Vega, 23, of Moorhead, was charged Wednesday in Clay County District Court with third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a helpless victim, a felony, along with a misdemeanor charge of providing alcohol to someone under 21.

Court documents state Moorhead police were dispatched to Grantham Hall on Monday, along with an ambulance, at about 11:15 p.m. on a report of some intoxicated people.

Officers arrived at Vega’s dorm room to a strong odor of alcohol and vomit, and saw two men and two women in the room, police say in court records. One of the women was partially undressed and was vomiting into a trashcan, court documents state.

Vega’s roommate allegedly told police he and Vega had invited the two women over for drinks, and they became intoxicated. At one point, Vega took one of the women to the bathroom, the roommate said, and couldn’t be located for some time, according to the court complaint.

Four other students on the floor told police Vega had come over and asked them to “see something crazy,” court records state. In the lounge area, they said, they saw the victim was lying topless on the couch, clearly intoxicated.

The students told police Vega said he was going to take her back to his room and “get laid” and saw him dragging her back to his room, police allege in court records.

A search of Vega’s dorm room allegedly uncovered a cell phone photo of the unclothed woman in the lounge, and a cell phone video of the defendant forcing sex on the victim, with audio of her telling him she doesn’t want to participate, court records state.

In an interview with a Moorhead detective, Vega allegedly said he had only been making out with the victim but admitted he’d given her Fireball whiskey despite knowing she was only 18 years old.

Vega allegedly denied having sex with the woman and taking any images of her. When asked how her underwear ended up on his dorm room floor, Vega said he didn’t know, court records state.