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Grand Forks Superintendent visits J. Nelson Elementary to read with 3rd graders

Grand Forks Schools' Superintendent Dr. Larry Nybladh stopped by J. Nelson Kelly Elementary to read with the school's 3rd Graders.

It was in celebration of Children's Book Week. Dr. Nybladh participated in the class reading a poem and short story to students. For the superintendent, his long-time love of reading began when he was in third grade.

 Dr. Larry Nybladh said, "Well, as I told the students and I think they already know and understand by 3rd grade that reading is the foundation of almost all learning. Some learning is experiential and the school of hard knox, but again the idea that we can learn so much about the world from the ideas of others.

Dr. Nybladh's own book collection includes nearly 10,000 volumes.