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Future of Grand Forks Library in discussion

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--After years of discussion -- city leaders are again hoping to come up with a plan for the Grand Forks Library.

City leaders say they plan to talk to the library's employees, board members and local residents about what they need in a library.

They may consider using surveys sent out to local residents as a way to get feedback.

For years it's still unclear if the aging current location will be renovated or if the books will move downtown.

A group of city council members plans to discuss what they want to do in the coming weeks.

“Start making some decisions as to how we will move forward with public engagement, kind of the rules of our engagement perhaps a timeline will become more clear,” said Dana Sande, of the Grand Forks City Council.

The City Council's meeting is Monday at 5:30.