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Turtle Mountain Community Schools' Facebook page posts, 'TMCS is currently in lockdown'

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BELCOURT, ND (WDAZ)--On Thursday morning, the Turtle Mountain Community Schools' Facebook page posted that the school was on lockdown. 

The post said the following: 

"TMCS is curently in lockdown. There was another threat that was reported and all safety protocols have been followed. 

The Belcourt PD is currently in charge of the situation. We ask that you NOT come to get your hcild or drop them off at this time. 

Doors are locked and nobody is allowed in or out of the buildings. Thank you for your understanding and assistance. 

We will update you will [SIC] any information as necessary."


The Turtle Mountain Community School's Facebook page posted another update just before 11 AM--it said the following: 

"TMCS is currently operating in containment. School will be released within half a hour [SIC] due to the continued threats of violence to ensure safety for staff and students. 

All activities (including HS Dance tonight) have been cancelled. We will update the public of any information if necessary. Thank you. Please share."

Another post was made just after 1:30 PM--it said the following: 

"After a debriefing meeting and informing the BIE, it has been decided that there will be NO School/Work for all area TMCS tomorrow, Feb 23rd to assess the situation happening at TMCHS. 

School will resume as normal, Monday Feb 26th. An official statement and press release will be issued later today via TMCS Facebook & School Messenger. 

Dr. DeCoteau will be answering media questions at her office around 2 PM today. Please share."