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Grand Forks Public Schools Superintendent starts retirement early

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--The Grand Forks school board president is defending his reputation tonight - after other board members say he lied to the media.

It all surrounds the early exit of the school superintendent - who is starting his retirement early for reasons no one will discuss.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase joined us in studio with why the school president president is trying to erase his name from accusations of not being transparent.

After a decade on the job -- the Superintendent of Grand Forks Public Schools is on vacation for the remainder of the school year.

After announcing his retirement last year -- Larry Nybladh is out of the office until the end of June.

The announcement comes after an incident in March where Nybladh raised his voice at employees.

Nobody will discuss what happened.

The school board's president says Nybladh made the decision this weekend - after our partners at the Herald called him out for lying to them about his plans for the rest of the year.

Nybladh called it just unfortunate miscommunication.

The school board president Doug Carpenter was also called out by other board members - accusing him of trying to cover this up.

He said he didn't realize Nybladh changed his mind over the weekend.

Carpenter went on to say teachers, staff and public weren't notified about Nybladh's decision because "that's not necessary."

“There was some different interpretations as to whether that was originally to be every day or where he could be and would be in the office on certain activities and events. He's now decided to take every day between now and June 30th off,” said School Board President, Doug Carpenter.

Nybladh says his decision to leave early will actually save you 50-thousand dollars in vacation time he would have been paid out after his retirement.

Assistant superintendent Jody Thompson will handle his duties in the interim.

The new superintendent - Terry Brenner - who was selected a few weeks ago to replace Nybladh - starts July 1st.