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NFL players weigh in on UMC's union battle

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CROOKSTON, MN (WDAZ-TV) -- NFL players are weighing in on a local union battle.

Employees at the University of Minnesota are deciding whether they want to strike.

Votes are being cast now. They're set to be tallied later this month.

Union leaders say they recently sent a letter to the NFL players union -- telling them about their battle, for what they call fair wages.

The NFL players union then sent university leaders a letter -- saying they wouldn't have planned to use their facilities for the Super Bowl if they'd known about the looming strike.

Employees at the Crookston campus say they're happy for the added support.

“We were really excited to know that they were standing with us and thankful and honored that they would,” says Doug Langer, UMC employee.

The strike could start in less than two weeks, depending on the vote.