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Longtime local lawmaker calls it a career

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--A shakeup in local politics.

A longtime lawmaker from Grand Forks is calling it a career.

WDAZ’s Danielle Saitta joined us in studio to explain why this could be a huge blow to the Democratic party.

Representative Lois Delmore announced today she will not seek re-election.

She has served Grand Forks for more than 2 decades.

While Delmore thinks it’s in the best interest of the Democratic party--but some fear that may not be the case.

“Her absence is definitely going to be noticed,” said Representative Corey Mock.

Currently Republicans control the house 81 to 13.

With Delmore gone, there is fear Republicans may gain another seat.

During the last election - despite their popularity - two Grand Forks Democrats lost their seats to Republicans.  

“There's no guarantees in life, especially in politics,” said Mock.

Delmore said that because the democrats have had a bad election cycle in the past--it's important that the candidates listen to constituents and have a great message ahead of the race in November.

“Everything is cyclical; starting to see that swing the other way I'm fairly confident that good candidates running smart campaigns will certainly be victorious on election night,” said Mock.

Delmore says even after she leaves her seat at the end of the year she will still be working with the Democratic party whenever she can.