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Sheriff Election pulls voters to polls

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ) On Primary Day, people headed to polls across the state.

It's primary day, and people are heading to the polls across the state.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase was live at the Alerus Center as people casted their ballots.

People have been trickling into different polling sites around town throughout the day.

One race in particular drew people to the voting booths in Grand Forks.

Seven contenders were in the running for the next Sheriff of Grand Forks County.

Two of those candidates will go head to head this fall.

On Tuesday night, that race is heating up.

Nine people are also vying for 5 seats on the school board.

Voters tell WDAZ they're passionate about politics.

"It's a very important thing in this day and age especially with all of the political changes in the world and if we have an opinion it's our right to share it,” said voter, Laura Palmer.

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