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Schneider, Maxson win sheriff primary

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV)--After months of campaigning - the voters have spoken.

The list of candidates to be the next sheriff in Grand Forks has been reduced from 7 to 2.

Only two men are left in the fight for this office -- and after months of campaigning they're now in the home stretch.

Andy Schneider and BJ Maxson are in the lead to go head to head in the general election.

In a contentious race, these two beat five other candidates including Darin Johnson, Chris Hutton, and Mike Lee.

About 5-thousand people were expected to vote in today's election.

Both candidates say they're hoping you will pick them come November.

Poll workers tell WDAZ, the Sheriff's race brought the majority of people to the polls today- but it wasn't the only reason people were passionate to have their voices heard.