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White Powder Found in Letter at Governor's Mansion in St. Paul

Haz Mat crews at the Governor's Mansion on Monday. Photo: KSTP/Chad Nelson

Emergency crews were called to Gov. Mark Dayton's mansion in St. Paul Monday after staff opened an envelope containing a small amount of white powder.

The letter was opened Monday morning in a building outside of the main residence, according to Doug Neville, spokesman for the Department of Public Safety.

The two employees who opened the letter were being decontaminated Monday afternoon, said Eric Roeske, spokesperson for the state patrol.

Roeske said the substance could take three to five days to identify.

Dayton was home at the time, but wasn't near the letter, Neville said. The residence is located at 1006 Summit Ave. Neville said the content of the letter was non-threatening.

After discovering the substance, staff followed procedure and contacted the Minnesota State Patrol, who then called the St. Paul Fire Department, Neville said.

No further information is available at this time.