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Inches of rain flood several towns in Northern Minnesota

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Two of the 35 Minnesota counties in a state of emergency fall in our region, Roseau County and Lake of the Woods.

Relentless rainfall has created flash flooding in several towns in Northern Minnesota.

Towns like Middle River and Karlstad got around four inches of rain in just two hours.

All that excessive rain created a lot of runoff and a lot of flooding.

All that rain made for a lot of sandbagging in Middle River.

Officials say around one third of the town is flooded, and around seven thousand sandbags were used.

The flooding closed several roads in town and the community continues to deal with the damage.

Jeremy Neste with the Middle River Fire Department said, "A lot of lowland flooding, river creeks can't drain out fast enough so we're dealing with a lot of sandbagging houses in town. River levels going up in town but we've got a lot of those homes secured right now."

The Middle River area hasn't had this heavy of rainfall since 2002.

Officials say that this year's rainfall totals are around two to five inches above above normal in the region.

All the excess rain is not good news for farmers.

Flooding means water-logged crops.