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Extra officers on Minnesota roads this holiday weekend

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - If you plan on hitting the road the next few days, you will have company, and they will be in uniform.

All across Minnesota this Labor Day weekend, the state patrol and other law enforcement agencies are stepping up their patrolling of our interstates and highways.

With construction projects still underway, authorities say they'll have extra eyes on the roads with the thousands traveling for the holiday.

Sgt. Jesse Grabow\MN Highway Patrol: “Extra troopers will be out throughout all of Minnesota, looking for any type of violations. We want people to hear this message and be smart about it. If you are going to go out and celebrate this weekend, fine. Make sure you have that sober ride set up. And of course always pay attention and slow down and buckle up.

400-different law enforcement agencies will be out on Minnesota roads this Labor Day weekend.