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Hail and Wind Cause Damage in Otter Tail County

Otter Tail County, MN (WDAY TV)-The Thursday morning storm caused trouble for some in Otter Tail County.

Strong winds and hail beat up crops, broke windows, and knocked down trees.


"There's going to be lots of picking up, it was a very powerful storm."

Larry Grieger had his work cut out for him this morning when he found a tree, blocking his driveway, blown over by heavy winds.

Grieger: "We had to take a detour to get my wife to work on time."

The New York Mills farmer says fist-sized hail and heavy winds broke two of his barn windows, and uprooted three large pine trees on his property.

Grieger: "We have a horse watering tank that disappeared from our backyard, haven't seen it, probably two or three tenths of a mile away."

Fallen trees weren't just blocking driveways, they were also knocking down power lines, power companies spent much of the morning repairing lines all across the area.

Before lunchtime, Rick Dykhoff had worked on restoring power to homes in Henning, New York Mills, and Ottertail.

He says the amount of homes affected varied per location.

Rick Dykhoff/Otter Tail Power Company: "Most of them were isolated, we didn't have any major lines go down but there was blocks and beaches that were out."

Several windshields in New York Mills were also reportedly broken in the storm.