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Rush Lake Property Owners Fed Up with Flooding

Ottertail, MN (WDAY TV)-Property owners on Rush Lake who woke up to almost five inches of standing water Thursday say a persistent flooding problem could be fixed if the township installed ditches.


Shady Grove Resort owner Wes Jeltema says he's lost two and a half weeks of camping this year because of flooded campsites.

Neighbors say they've had to drain their septic systems several times this year and that standing water has caused mosquito problems.

Jeltema says he's been running his pumps all summer.

Wes Jeltema/Rush Lake Township: "Go get the pumps back out, I just put them away yesterday for the year thinking we're just going to get little rains from now on, not these big downpours, but uh, proved wrong."

Property owners say township officials have told them installing ditches would be too costly.