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Could nurses pay raise depend on patient satisfaction?

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BEMIDJI, MN (WDAZ-TV) - Should pay raises be based on customer satisfaction?

A group of local nurses say that's the compensation model their hospital is proposing.

One nurse says she and others are concerned.

Nurses at Stanford in Bemidji are in contract negotiations with both the clinic and the hospital.

They say they're worried their pay raises won't be fair.

About 400 nurses are negotiating with the healthcare provider through the Minnesota Nurses Association.

The contract discussions come up every three years.

This time, the nurses say the company wants to base their pay raises on reviews from patients.

Diane Scott, Nurse: "They want to give us less than they gave us 3 years ago plus put a contingent on the scores on a survey."

Sanford Health declined WDAZ's request for an interview, telling us it's against their policy to discuss contract negotiations publically.