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Sunday sales could cost a local store thousands of dollars

WDAZ-TV (RED LAKE FALLS, MN) – "I don't think I'm crucial so I'm convenient is what I am," said Mike Swendra, owner of Mike’s Bottle Shop.

His liquor store is closed on Sundays, but that's set to change this summer.

"I think most of the year it's not really going to help me. I think all it'll do is spread out my customers over seven days," Swendra added.  

He's owned Mike's Bottle Shop in Red Lake Falls for the last 15 years. It's a family owned and run business, but most of the time Mike's working by himself.

"On one side, wine, ice. We tried to put other things in to add to the store a little bit," Swendra said.  

The store owner is worried with Sunday Sales on the horizon he's going to have to hire an extra pair of helping hands because he can't work seven days a week. The concern here is help won't come cheap.

"$15,000, $20,000 a year probably it'll come off the top,” Swendra said. “And I don't see this with these extra day a week making much of that up."

It's a problem for some businesses but could mean a boon for others.

"I think it was your big city and your border towns,” Swendra said. “If you're right on the border and if you're not open and people get used to buying on seven days a week. They'll go across the border and they'll buy it on Sunday."

A recent Minnesota Consumers First Alliance survey shows about 77 percent of people support Sunday liquor sales in the state.

But Swendra says the liquor business gets tougher each year, and the end of the blue law could spell the end of small town stores like his.

"If there's a store that's just getting by and you start losing any business at all, you're gonna see it in your bottom line. Eventually I think you'll lose stores right through it," Swendra said.  

Sunday Liquor Sales will be legal starting on July 2nd.