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Grand Forks' Big Sioux Cafe closes doors over leasing disagreement

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--Employees at a local restaurant in Grand Forks were out of a job unexpectedly on Thursday. 

The Big Sioux Cafe is shut its doors on Thursday. 

It has been in the Flying J truck stop for 24 years.

The cafe's general manager says on Thursday morning, employees were told it would be their last day. 

They say a leasing disagreement between the cafe and the Flying J is behind the closure.

Some customers and employees say it's a rough loss for the area.

"We were talking about staying open until Sunday, but just so we can cut the cord and all the feelings, you know what I mean, it's easier to yank the band aid off, like the wound, than it is to leave it there and just slowly pry it off," said Big Sioux General Manager, Aaron Thorn. 

If you received holiday gift cards from the cafe, you can call Spicer Trucking at (701)-772-6900 to get your money back.